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About Us

We at Divine Living Solutions is about helping people recover from their drug and alcohol problems as well as assisting their families who have also been affected by their condition. The age bracket that we service is people between the ages of 18 to 70. We are here to educate people in differentiating their drug and alcohol including associated traits with dysfunctional behaviors that has led to many facets of disruption in their lives.


Our methods and processes are based on a person-centered approach with a spiritual undertone for the solution. Our programs we provide are facilitated by qualified health professionals that have a personal understanding of the effects of drug and alcohol use. We have over 20 years' experience in the community services, health and education sectors.

Meet Darryl Vine, Our Founder

Darryl Vine is a sober alcoholic who has been walking the road of personal recovery and abstinence for more than 32 years now. He has experienced the pain of suffering as an alcoholic, drinking for over 15 years.


Darryl was introduced to recovery with his attendance at Warburton Health Care Resort – Alcohol Recovery Program in 1991. During the same year, Darryl returned to the educational system completing diplomas in counselling, alcohol and other drugs, community welfare work and community development.


Darryl has also become accredited with the Department of Human Services as a clinical supervisor and clinical assessor in forensic programs.


He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Criminology in an online capacity with Swinburne University. Darryl formed and created Divine Living Solutions Limited, a spiritual-based concept, in 2004. This concept developed can help large numbers of people to a new way of living. Darryl believes that his concept can change the lives of people with there drug and alcohol problems and associated traits leading into new fulfilling and productive lives.

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